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As a personal trainer and trusted authority in health and fitness, Jenna's positivity and expertise have transformed the lives of countless individuals. Her results-driven approach blends evidence‑based guidance and tailored support to make healthy living achievable and enjoyable. Jenna’s impact reaches far beyond the gym. From bestselling wellness author to years spent as the Life and Fitness Correspondent on the TODAY Show, this powerhouse of motivation will encourage you to ditch the "I should but I can’t" for a diet of “I can and I will”.

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Let’s Do This
Jenna Wolfe in a workout setting, dressed in athletic wear which includes a purple sports top and black leggings. She's wearing a pair of sports shoes and a fitness watch, suggesting that she is either prepping for or just finished a workout session. She looks energetic and has a big smile, enhancing the upbeat, healthy vibe of the image.
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Whether you are looking to lose weight, build strength, improve flexibility or enhance your overall fitness, Jenna is dedicated to guiding you towards lasting success.

Corporate & School Wellness

Trusted by Fortune 500 companies and NYC’s Department of Education, Jenna is a go-to resource for those looking to improve the health & wellness of their staff and students.


Through personalized meal plans, science-based guidance and ongoing support, Jenna helps clients make positive and long-lasting changes to their everyday eating habits.

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Among her many credits, Jenna is a Coach for Kids Ambassador to Wellness in the Schools — a national nonprofit that inspires healthy eating and fitness for kids in public school. She’s also shared her expertise with Partnership for a Healthier America and has moderated countless panels related to wellness.

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