Jenna is a multifaceted talent with decades of experience in news media, television, public speaking and health & fitness.

Jenna Wolfe in front of a doorway heavily adorned with graffiti and stickers, capturing a typical urban street art scene. She is smiling broadly, dressed in a casual chic style featuring a black leather jacket, a simple black top, and fitted blue jeans. She accessorizes her look with beige high-heeled shoes and is holding a coffee cup in one hand. Her outfit and the setting create a contrast that highlights both her stylish appearance and the vibrant, edgy background.

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Jenna’s journey, from her upbringing in the Caribbean to breaking boundaries as Philly’s first female sportscaster on local broadcast TV and then to NBC’s first-ever lifestyle and fitness correspondent, has been as dynamic as it’s been unconventional. Her engaging storytelling and witty personality have endeared her to audiences across the country. Friends and colleagues describe her as fun, fierce and fearless. Today, Jenna’s charismatic presence, on-screen and off, continues to captivate new audiences and inspires us all to live better and healthier lives.

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From riding space simulators with Richard Branson to holding down the anchor desk on national television, Jenna continues to engage, educate and entertain audiences.

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