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A best-selling author. Well-respected contributing writer. Outspoken advocate for living a healthy life. Jenna Wolfe tells captivating stories and shares her wisdom and knowledge in the acclaimed health & wellness book, Thinner in 30, and across countless articles and blogs. Jenna strives to leave readers of her work inspired and empowered.

Jenna’s no-nonsense program is the perfect plan for busy people of all ages and fitness levels. It gives readers the tools needed to achieve their wellness goals by making 30 small changes in 30 days. Bring Jenna’s athletic wisdom, laugh‑out‑loud humor and easy-to-follow advice into your life.

With Jenna, every word is a step towards a healthier, happier you.

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The cover of Jenna’s book titled “Thinner in 30” by Jenna Wolfe, with Myatt Murphy. The cover showcases Jenna Wolfe smiling and seated on the floor in a gym setting, wearing a blue tank top and sports leggings. She appears fit and happy, which aligns with the book’s theme of fitness and health. The cover also displays a variety of fresh fruits in bowls, emphasizing the book's focus on small changes leading to significant weight loss results in 30 days. Quotes and text on the cover highlight the endorsement by Dr. Oz and the practical approach of the book to achieving fitness and weight loss goals.
A magazine spread from “People Wellness” featuring Jenna Wolfe. The left page shows Jenna in a dynamic outdoor workout pose, illustrating her energetic and fitness-focused lifestyle. The right page contains smaller photos and text discussing Jenna’s career transition from a TODAY Show weekend anchor to a fitness trainer. The spread highlights her personal journey, her fitness philosophy, and the impact she aims to make on others’ lives through personal training and wellness. This layout effectively captures both her professional achievements and her personal dedication to health and fitness.

Articles & Blogs

Jenna frequently contributes to many well-known and respected magazines, news outlets, websites and blogs. Her words continue to enrich the health & wellness field and her tips and strategies help guide people to life-changing outcomes. Get in touch.

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Wolfe is a celebrated author and writer known for her compelling narratives and insightful explorations of human experiences.

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