Fun Facts About Jenna Wolfe

1. I was born in Kingston, Jamaica
2. I am, in fact American
3. I was raised in Port-au-Prince Haiti for 15 years before moving to the US
4. I was obsessed with Michael J. Fox when I was growing up (did an entire spot on the Today Show about my childhhood crush)
5. My favorite singer is Barry Manilow (Again, I did numerous stories on the Today Show about my obsession with him. I had him kiss my belly on TV when I was pregnant with my second baby for good luck)
6. I played volleyball in high school and college
7. My first car was an Isuzu Trooper
8. Seinfeld is the greatest show of all time
9. I was once interviewing Dr. Janet Taylor live on the Today Show and called her Dr. Genitalia.  Its on Youtube.
10. I’m deathly afraid of needles and swimming in the ocean at night
11. I came out on national television (on a couch, on the Today Show, talking to Matt Lauer)
12. The only time i ever cried on TV was when I was covering the earthquake in Haiti.
13. I wrote Thinner in 30 on maternity leave with Quinn
14. Stephanie Gosk is my partner (correspondent for NBC News)
15, My kids are Harper (2) and Quinn (1)
16. I was born on Feb. 26, 1974
17. I speak French, Creole and I can ask you where the library is in Spanish, which has never actually come in handy.
18. Female tv character i most associate myself with: Elaine Benes
19. Childhood dream: Host SNL
20. I work out 6 days a week.
21. I got ordained this year and married my friends Marcy and Mike down the Jersey Shore this past summer.
22. At the Today Show, in a span of 9 years, I did a million things, plus the following few gems: White water rafting, drowning alive, competitive synchronized swimming, Survival school out in the utah wilderness, flying a water jet pack, flying a ground jetpack, (i’m the idiot who did both), Indy 500 racing w Mario Andretti (190mph), snowboarding, surfing, working out with Lester, flying an F18 with the blue Angels (700 mph), performing in an underwater mermaid show, climbing a 50 tree with professional loggers, kung fu w a real master, getting dropped in an oversozed corn maze, spending a night at a haunted hotel, walking the halls of a haunted prison, dangling off the tallest free structure in the world, scaling a 30 ft mast on a racing sailboat, heli-boarding (getting dropped off a helicopter off the side of a mountain to snowboard down),  power gliding, roller coasting, life guarding in the ocean, judging on iron Chef America, running up. The Empire State building steps

FACTS about Thinner in 30

1. Drink 20 sips of water a day
2. I wrote the book on maternity leave with Quinn
3. Walk 10k steps a day
4. There are hilarious conversations with my stubborn parents at the start of most chapters
5. Keep a food log… best way to cut calories and keep yourself in check
6. Book is divided into 30 chapters, each offering up a tip/change a day for a month
7. This is my first book
8. Chew your food 20 times before swallowing (slows down the eating process)
9. Crazies place i posed with the book:  sitting on the shoulders of the head of Microsoft Health at the NASDAQ stock exchange
10. Favorite quote in the book: You can and you will.